clutch cuteness

There is no limit to the number of bags that a girl can have. Each bag serves its own purpose. Currently, I am lusting over the adorable and highly stylish clutches from Collared Greens. They are simply perfect to spruce up any outfit – whether you’re heading to dinner, an afternoon picnic or on vacation – it’s an ideal companion. These would be perfect gifts for bridesmaids (since they have a unique pattern for everyone) or for a gal pal’s birthday. Before gifting one of these clutches, you can add in some beauty faves and voila, gift perfected!

Not only does Collared Greens have great finds, but the company has an eco-friendly message that they are truly committed to and all products are American made. Also, their packaging is super cute - they totally do it right all around.
poplar clutch $80


sail away

Shopping for the men in our life is never easy. It's hard to come up with new and creative gifts that he'll love, and that more importantly will surprise him. Yes, the tickets to see his favorite team or band are always fun and perfect fallbacks, but what about something different? Something that he'll be super excited about that he would have never thought of before (or gone for). I'm am absolutely loving the handcrafted bracelets (yes, bracelets!) from Sailormade. Why not try something new? They are simple, but perfectly polished and subtle enough to rock without causing attention to your wrist. Not quite ready to purchase for the men? Ladies can sport them as well - they come in a variety of shades and will complement any summer outfit.  

                           Endeavour Single $100