boys will be boys

Having a hard time shopping for the boys in your life? Let me start with the little ones. From my experience with my many nephews, there is an obsession with trucks that starts very early. First with a book that explains truck after truck, like this one. Then, they get their tiny hands on play trucks. You would think that a truck a year would get old but there are so many options to keep them interested. For years my sister has recommended the Bruder trucks (dump trucks, front loaders, tractors…the list goes on) and they never fail. Other options are the Hess trucks (they release new ones every year!) or just move onto trains (any!). And if your little guy isn’t interested in trucks, the gender neutral easy-bake over will be available soon thanks to one amazing big sister.

Now for the men. My friend recently introduced me to the men’s shopping site (with a few store locations) Bonobos. They are all about creating the perfect fit for pants and pride themselves on that. With free shipping, super easy returns and a customer service team that gets rave reviews, seems like a must try. In addition to pants, they have tons of other apparel options from a range of brands. Check it out.

Since many of my friends have also purchased work bags for their men this holiday season, I thought that providing a few companies would be helpful. In addition to those listed on the Bonobos site, I recommend Jack Spade (for a classic guy), Saturdays Surf (for a start-up guy) or The Herschel Supply Co (for the uber-casual guy). 

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do you see what i see

Ordering glasses online seems slightly counter intuitive. How are you supposed to know how they will look on? Who is going to help you pick the perfect pair out? Warby Parker has figured out how to solve this dilemma while offering incredibly affordable and stylish options. You can order up to 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home for 5 days free. Once you’ve picked one (or a few for only $95 each INCLUDING prescription!), you can return via a free shipping label that’s included. Amazing, right? And if you desire that hands on in-store experience, Warby Parker has a special holiday-only shop in New York’s Meatpacking District, open from November 17 to January 30. They also have a number of showrooms across the country. Frames are a perfect gift for your four-eyed friends (or those who want to look uber-cool). And if they are picky, get them a gift card and let them do the choosing themselves! 

$95 each


run it

I have been through MANY running headphones. They break all of the time (or get misplaced). It’s the worst when one of the ears just stops working. I have good news though – I think that I have finally found a life changing pair - Bose SIE2 sport headphones! Yes, the price is pretty steep but my hope is that they last for a while and since they are bright, I won’t ever misplace them again. Full transparency, I did misplace a pair (and rightfully got scolded) and then in a very savvy way, used credit card points to get my hands on them again. They are that good. Double bonus...there is a version that comes with a running armband and an inline microphone for taking calls so they can double as hands-free in the car. 

bose sie2 headphones

making a board & checking it twice

I’ve been a total delinquent with posts. That said, gift season mode is almost in full swing, and after many requests, I’m back for the holidays!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner. To that end, I thought that it would be helpful to share three sites that will fully help you plan holiday gifts for others, as well as yourself. Here we go…

After much anticipation and demand, Pinterest unveiled secret boards – hooray! At the bottom of your profile, you will find three secret boards. Now you can pin must have gifts for you and your loved ones and not ruin the surprise!

Hukkster, is a fantastic website that allows you to track products on sites you love and you are notified when your swoon worthy items are on sale. Brilliantly, you are even alerted for site-wide sales and you choose when you want to be notified of a sale – 25%, 50%, etc. The site is invite-only currently but the approval process is very quick. You can “Hukk” items into “Gifts” or “Holiday Wishlist” and share with others. I’m anxiously awaiting my alert for some boots!

Lastly, Have to Have, allows you to see trending items and save all of your “have to haves” in one place. Items are tracked and you are notified of sales. You can even see friend’s must haves to take some of the guessing out of what they want for the holidays. 


give instant gratification

When sifting through registries, I always want to get friends something that they can use immediately. To me, there is nothing as fulfilling as instant gratification! Living in New York City, this always presents some obvious challenges due to space constraints. One way to achieve this is to find an item that you can “upgrade” for immediate (and functional) use. For example, purchase a beautiful bread board like this one from Simon Pearce. It’s an ideal companion for entertaining. To go from in a drawer or on display to on the table in minutes, give a monthly membership to an artisanal bread or cheese club. We received a membership to Zingerman’s – the bread is easily freezable and when we cook it, our apartment fills with the aroma of freshly baked bread. It's amazing. If you have a cheese lover in mind, send the gift of Cowgirl Creamery – a San Francisco gem. Insert wine and voila - instant entertaining and enjoyment!

via pinterest


locket love

Now that our wedding has past, I wanted to share one of my favorite finds throughout the process – jewelry from the incredibly talented Kelley Solomon. She is the mastermind behind local Connecticut jewelry shop Aquinnah. She makes pieces that are absolutely perfect for daytime casual chic, date night and formal affairs.

For my sister and Maid of Honor, I was immediately sold on getting her Aquinnah’s locket bracelet. I gathered digital photos that represented her family and printed them very, very tiny to include in the many lockets dangling from her wrist. It’s the perfect piece to spruce up any outfit and the best part is that it’s filled with so many happy memories.

In addition to her one-of-a-kind locket items, she has an incredible selection of bracelets, earrings and necklaces made from various jewels and stones. She’s a dream to work with and can customize pretty much anything. To see her latest and greatest creations - visit her site today. I'm swooning over the new bright colored necklaces for Fall!

vintage lockets via aquinnah jewelry

limited edition vintage, lemon milk glass bib necklace via aquinnah jewelry


some dog lovin'

As a yellow lab owner, I feel as though I am constantly purchasing toys and treats for my amazing pooch (this may have to do with his habit to destroy all toys). My sister just shared this awesome site with me - BarkBox. It's a monthly delivery for your dog - it includes carefully selected products that your dog is sure to love. And with every purchase, doggies in need are helped. It's brilliant. They have a super easy gifting option so that you can share the wonderful world of BarkBox with dog owners alike! If you want to make your best friend happy, then start subscribing to BarkBox! 


mother's day picks

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching this weekend, I thought that it would be helpful to share some of my fave picks for the occasion! I feel as though Moms always want cute, style tips so why not get some amazing accessories for them.

Sarah Frances Kuhn makes a camera strap that will spice up any outfit. This is not your ordinary camera strap. It will allow your Mom to continue to snap away at the kids and grandchildren while simultaneously adding some serious spruce to her outfit. Another great option is a scarf. There are so many great ones to pick from at multiple price points – from DVF to J. Crew to Madewell – these are all perfect options for the spring transition.

fool's gold - starting at $55


nothing says thanks like napkins

Looking for the perfect hostess gift? Or don't know what to bring to meet your boyfriend's parents at their house? Then look no further than a Mariposa napkin holder. Mariposa has a vast selection of adorable options to pick from (and they are always conversation starters!). There is seriously an option for everyone in your life. When my in-laws watched our precious pooch for the weekend, we gifted them a labrador retriever option to say thank you.

Since the base for the holder remains the same, you can give multiple options for the weight that can be seasonal or just plain silly - from dragonflies to flipflops to cupcakes to lobsters. Next time you need a gift to say thank you or nice to meet you, order one of these. They are very reasonable and you can't really go wrong. 

Twisted Napkin Box with Sand Dollar Weight


clutch cuteness

There is no limit to the number of bags that a girl can have. Each bag serves its own purpose. Currently, I am lusting over the adorable and highly stylish clutches from Collared Greens. They are simply perfect to spruce up any outfit – whether you’re heading to dinner, an afternoon picnic or on vacation – it’s an ideal companion. These would be perfect gifts for bridesmaids (since they have a unique pattern for everyone) or for a gal pal’s birthday. Before gifting one of these clutches, you can add in some beauty faves and voila, gift perfected!

Not only does Collared Greens have great finds, but the company has an eco-friendly message that they are truly committed to and all products are American made. Also, their packaging is super cute - they totally do it right all around.
poplar clutch $80


sail away

Shopping for the men in our life is never easy. It's hard to come up with new and creative gifts that he'll love, and that more importantly will surprise him. Yes, the tickets to see his favorite team or band are always fun and perfect fallbacks, but what about something different? Something that he'll be super excited about that he would have never thought of before (or gone for). I'm am absolutely loving the handcrafted bracelets (yes, bracelets!) from Sailormade. Why not try something new? They are simple, but perfectly polished and subtle enough to rock without causing attention to your wrist. Not quite ready to purchase for the men? Ladies can sport them as well - they come in a variety of shades and will complement any summer outfit.  

                           Endeavour Single $100


shower bliss

This past weekend, my nearest and dearest threw me an absolutely incredible bridal shower. I loved every second of it. I felt so lucky to be surrounded by such great family and friends. We got so many thoughtful and perfectly curated gifts. There were a few gifts that I was absolutely shocked by (in the best way) that I had to share - both are great for group presents. First, one of my bridesmaids and besties had collected recipes from everyone invited to the shower and created a spectacular cookbook. All of the recipes look so delicious and I was beyond touched to receive such a thoughtful and timeless gift. The book was made through TasteBook - the end product looks like it's off the shelf at a store - simply perfection! My brand new (copper!) Kitchen Aid will certainly come in handy with tons of the recipes. 

Second, all of my bridesmaids collectively purchased me my wedding day shoes (Jimmy Choos!)  - a complete indulgence and I couldn't be happier. I'd be lying if I said that I haven't been wearing them around the house to break them in. I love that I will have a "something new" from my closest friends. What a brilliant idea! If you're in a bridal party, both of these gifts are so perfect. Any bride would be thrilled. 


return to sender

With my nuptials quickly approaching, I’ve been getting some amazing gifts from family and friends. With the gifts, comes thank you notes of course. By now, you probably know that I have a love (or some may some obsession) with stationary. I absolutely had to share my new favorite thank you note companion – a custom address stamp from expressionary.com! Thanks to an amazing sister, my thank you notes have gotten a lovely makeover and I no longer have to write out my address with each note. This is the perfect alternative to getting addresses pre-printed. We all know the downside of pre-printed envelopes – they are expensive and people move too frequently. Then, you just end up with a drawer of envelopes that are useless. We all know that feeling. 

Take a peak at the great selection online, and send the perfect one to a friend at an incredibly reasonable price (and such a huge time saver!). 
three designing women kara stamp $45


lovely letters

I have been eying the Maya Brenner letter collection after spotting a necklace on one of my best friends. The necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all completely customizable with one or multiple letters. They are ideal for bridesmaids and besties. 
mini letter stud earrings $196 for a pair
asymmetrical mini letter necklace $198



caffeine fix

One of the best finds for locals, and tourists alike in San Francisco is Blue Bottle Coffee. With outposts throughout the city, it's hard to not join the hype and wait in line for a perfected single drip coffee or their signature gibralter. Although they now have a Brooklyn spot for east coasters, they are spreading the love even further with coffee subscriptions for those not lucky enough to have a shop within walking distance. This is a perfect gift for anyone who depends on an uber-flavorful cup to begin the day, or who fell in love with the java at first sip while visiting SF. I recently gifted this to my father-in-law with all of the fixings to make a gibralter - including the signature cup which is available for purchase on their site.  


holiday spirit

If you're looking to get in the holiday spirit, I wanted to share some adorable apparel options to gift yourself, or to others for Valentine's Day. 
j. crew pleated jardin skirt $128

asos heart print snood $21.49
rebecca taylor ikat tee


cheers to the couple

It's peak engagement time during this time of the year, so when I came across this, I absolutely had to share it! Through Wine for a Wedding, you can custom wine crates for the couple's 1, 5 & 10 year anniversaries. It's completely customizable - you select the design and pick the perfect bottles to complement the couple. You instantly create a thoughtful and memorable gift that will be cherished for years to come. Simply love it. 


love struck

The amazing team at Bellafare shared an absolute perfect Valentine's gift idea - these charming arrow necklaces created by a Sister/BFF team (just love that!). You can purchase for yourself, a friend, a loved one...or better yet, get two and share with your BFF! 

This is a serious upgrade to the split heart BFF necklace. 

$95 for one, $190 for two


manolo mayhem

Men, if you are struggling to find just the right Valentine's Day gift, you can't go wrong with a classic Manolo Blahnik at a fraction of the cost. At the NY store on 31 West 54th (btwn. 5th & 6th and open from 10:30- 6pm during the week; 10:30 - 5pm on Saturday and 12 - 5pm on Sunday) you can snatch up these coveted shoes for $195 per pair (vs. the usual $500 and up retail prices). Sale is through the weekend so perfect timing, but act quickly! You will show your thoughtfulness by knowing her shoe size (be prepared for European sizing, i.e. an 8 is a 38...just grab a heel from her closet for a size check) and showing her that you are a super stylish guy. 

Manolo Blahnik Crisscross Cutout Pump Originally $735


game on

Not everyone can play in the Super Bowl. It does bring out a little bit of competitiveness in me though. Call me dorky, but some of the most fun nights are spent with friends, some wine and good old fashioned board games. Next time you're heading over with the wine or snacks, bring over a game - it's guaranteed to liven up the night. I'd highly recommend Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase (I mean it's an adult hot potato basically) or Scattegories. You can thank me later. Enjoy!



Happy New Year! If you're a New Yorker, then you know that winter has officially begun. In light of the cold temps, I wanted to share some must have pieces to keep you warm. They all come in Men's and Women's so that you don't need to share. The North Face makes amazing e-Tip gloves. They come in a variety of colors and you can get thin ones (that double perfectly for ski glove liners) or a heavier option for those freezing mornings. If you want to feel your toes, I'd highly recommend a pair of Sorel boots. They make some fun, trendy options, but you can never go wring with the traditional and uber-warm CaribouLastly, I'm a long time Patagonia fan and am loving their bright options this season for versatile pieces that you'll have forever. On the weekends, I live in my R1 pullover (also works perfectly for outdoor sports) and puffy coat. They have an annual January sale coming up - don't miss out! Stay warm. 
patagonia women's down sweater