do you see what i see

Ordering glasses online seems slightly counter intuitive. How are you supposed to know how they will look on? Who is going to help you pick the perfect pair out? Warby Parker has figured out how to solve this dilemma while offering incredibly affordable and stylish options. You can order up to 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home for 5 days free. Once you’ve picked one (or a few for only $95 each INCLUDING prescription!), you can return via a free shipping label that’s included. Amazing, right? And if you desire that hands on in-store experience, Warby Parker has a special holiday-only shop in New York’s Meatpacking District, open from November 17 to January 30. They also have a number of showrooms across the country. Frames are a perfect gift for your four-eyed friends (or those who want to look uber-cool). And if they are picky, get them a gift card and let them do the choosing themselves! 

$95 each


run it

I have been through MANY running headphones. They break all of the time (or get misplaced). It’s the worst when one of the ears just stops working. I have good news though – I think that I have finally found a life changing pair - Bose SIE2 sport headphones! Yes, the price is pretty steep but my hope is that they last for a while and since they are bright, I won’t ever misplace them again. Full transparency, I did misplace a pair (and rightfully got scolded) and then in a very savvy way, used credit card points to get my hands on them again. They are that good. Double bonus...there is a version that comes with a running armband and an inline microphone for taking calls so they can double as hands-free in the car. 

bose sie2 headphones

making a board & checking it twice

I’ve been a total delinquent with posts. That said, gift season mode is almost in full swing, and after many requests, I’m back for the holidays!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner. To that end, I thought that it would be helpful to share three sites that will fully help you plan holiday gifts for others, as well as yourself. Here we go…

After much anticipation and demand, Pinterest unveiled secret boards – hooray! At the bottom of your profile, you will find three secret boards. Now you can pin must have gifts for you and your loved ones and not ruin the surprise!

Hukkster, is a fantastic website that allows you to track products on sites you love and you are notified when your swoon worthy items are on sale. Brilliantly, you are even alerted for site-wide sales and you choose when you want to be notified of a sale – 25%, 50%, etc. The site is invite-only currently but the approval process is very quick. You can “Hukk” items into “Gifts” or “Holiday Wishlist” and share with others. I’m anxiously awaiting my alert for some boots!

Lastly, Have to Have, allows you to see trending items and save all of your “have to haves” in one place. Items are tracked and you are notified of sales. You can even see friend’s must haves to take some of the guessing out of what they want for the holidays.