making a board & checking it twice

I’ve been a total delinquent with posts. That said, gift season mode is almost in full swing, and after many requests, I’m back for the holidays!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a planner. To that end, I thought that it would be helpful to share three sites that will fully help you plan holiday gifts for others, as well as yourself. Here we go…

After much anticipation and demand, Pinterest unveiled secret boards – hooray! At the bottom of your profile, you will find three secret boards. Now you can pin must have gifts for you and your loved ones and not ruin the surprise!

Hukkster, is a fantastic website that allows you to track products on sites you love and you are notified when your swoon worthy items are on sale. Brilliantly, you are even alerted for site-wide sales and you choose when you want to be notified of a sale – 25%, 50%, etc. The site is invite-only currently but the approval process is very quick. You can “Hukk” items into “Gifts” or “Holiday Wishlist” and share with others. I’m anxiously awaiting my alert for some boots!

Lastly, Have to Have, allows you to see trending items and save all of your “have to haves” in one place. Items are tracked and you are notified of sales. You can even see friend’s must haves to take some of the guessing out of what they want for the holidays. 

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