nothing says thanks like napkins

Looking for the perfect hostess gift? Or don't know what to bring to meet your boyfriend's parents at their house? Then look no further than a Mariposa napkin holder. Mariposa has a vast selection of adorable options to pick from (and they are always conversation starters!). There is seriously an option for everyone in your life. When my in-laws watched our precious pooch for the weekend, we gifted them a labrador retriever option to say thank you.

Since the base for the holder remains the same, you can give multiple options for the weight that can be seasonal or just plain silly - from dragonflies to flipflops to cupcakes to lobsters. Next time you need a gift to say thank you or nice to meet you, order one of these. They are very reasonable and you can't really go wrong. 

Twisted Napkin Box with Sand Dollar Weight

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