gift away

There's nothing more that I love than finding the absolute perfect gift. I've become the go-to resource with my friends and family looking to find presents for their loved ones, colleagues, and friends. With every request, I love scouring sites and stores to help to identify that perfect gift. As somewhat of a gifting guru, I am beginning this venture so that I can share my latest and greatest finds, and help YOU find thoughtful and easy gifts for any occasion - weddings, corporate, birthdays...I've got you covered. Giving a gift that you've handpicked (hence the blog name) for someone is even more fun than getting one. Happy gifting! 

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  1. Finally! I'm so excited you've started this blog since you are by far one of the best--if not the best--gift givers I know..and i love it even more that we can leverage that super thoughtful and talented brain of yours! Happy Gifting!