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From cuffs to bangles to string bracelets, the layering look is very en vogue and rightfully so. This holiday season, take the friendship bracelet to a new level. You can purchase a variety of options for your friends (at varying prices). I love that you can look down at your wrist and your bracelet(s) will remind you of your amazing friendships or allow you to associate it with a memory or experience. You can get fun, chunky jewelry for festive occasions like the Lulu Frost collection for J.Crew. Or go the layered route with colorful bangles from Kate Spade. They come in so many different colors and playful patterns that you are guaranteed to find something perfect for each of your friends. The Idiom bracelets are my fave to layer. I came across a NY based designer, Iwona Ludyga, at a local event and she had very perfect every day bracelets that can are ideal for layering. At the same event, I was incredibly inspired by Same Sky. All of their bracelets are created by women in Rwanda who are rebuilding their lives. Purchasing these bracelets supports an amazing cause. 

For further inspiration, check out the best dressed wrists in New York, which was curated by Refinery 29. 
iwona ludyga skully wrap bracelet $90

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