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At this time of year, it’s hard to not get caught up in all of the purchasing, but it’s important to remember that the season is also about giving for those in need. Why not combine the two? A friend shared a great site with me that allows you to bid on unique and fantastic gifts – best part is that your shopping is for a great cause! Bidding for Good is a small company with a big heart. You can bid on everything from dinner with your favorite celeb to tickets to a show to the must have toys of the season. 

Another great option is to give a very “cool” gift – the gift of wind power!  You can do this directly through New England Wind Fund. Currently they are running a $15 gifting special. I also love the option of supporting the Mayor’sFund to Advance New York City. You can find a list of the funds supported this year here

Little gifting tip: For every person that you purchase a gift for, think about spending a few dollars less (you can even make a pact among your family to do this) and putting the money aside. At the end, you'll have at least $25 to donate to a cause that you support! 

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