city love

Everyone has friends or family members who live in a particular place that they absolutely love and will always have a natural affinity for, no matter where they ultimately end up. Getting a painting, drawing or poster that represents this, makes a perfect gift. There are two vendors that I love for this - Ork Posters and a new one that I just came across, Line Posters. Ork creates posters and screen prints that show the city by neighborhood and Line Posters, demonstrates the transport lines (hence the name). If you want to create a very special gift, you can even custom frame the item versus having the giftee do themselves.  We have two of these framed in our apartment (San Francisco and New York City) and we love them. If you have a Michael's craft store near you, I'd recommend going there for your framing needs. They have a "good" collection of frames that are affordable and there is something for everyone's style. 
ork posters $27
lineposter $28 (frame not included)

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