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Recently, a lot of my friends and siblings have given birth to adorable babies. Not having kids myself, I am always torn on what makes a great newborn gift. Obviously clothes are always fun, but I’m always looking for other thoughtful and easy gifts that cover multiple price points. The Silvery Gallery has a teething ring that’s beyond practical and can be monogrammed with the newborn’s initials (this has my three child sister’s approval). It’s not meant to be on display – it’s actually a great solve to teething (so is Sophie the Giraffe). Another idea is a tote bag or duffel from LL Bean with the baby’s name embroidered. New parents can never have too many bags to lug all of their belongings around. The customizable burp clothes from Moonbeam Baby are also a great find. You can create a set of three with different patterns and fonts. They come with a nice ribbon around them and shipping is reasonable. Parents will love cleaning up after their children with these adorable clothes. Plus, you will save them from having to wash their only burp clothes so often!
moonbeam baby burp cloth $8.95

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