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As it gets colder outside, it starts to get harder to motivate to workout. One way to motivate is to ask for some must-haves from lululemon for the holidays. I’m telling you, I don’t know what it is, but their workout clothes are just amazing and not to mention, incredibly flattering and forgiving. I’m clearly a huge advocate. Once you wear one of their staple pants (I’m a big fan of the Groove or Wunder Under Crop), it’s hard to wear anything else. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’m tempted to wear them to the office but I know that I can’t. You can sort-of justify the prices because technically, most of the items are 2-in-1 since they are reversible. I can honestly say that I use the reversible thing to rationalize my spending, but I have only once taken advantage of this. If you’re an avid runner, then I’d recommend the Cool Racerback tank for indoor gym days (this tank is great because it doesn’t ride up and even comes in an extra long length) and the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve shirt for a base layer outside. It has a thumb loop which I love for a little more coverage. I tried it out this weekend and was very pleased. The tank can also be worn during pilates, yoga or spin class. The Swiftly can be taken directly into ski season as a base layer or can be worn while hanging out after a long day on the slopes. There are also a few sweatshirt/jackets that I have my eye on for the cold weather. They all scream warm and cozy after a workout and the best part, they cover your bum. The Live Simply Jacket, In Stride Jacket and Stride Jacket are my top picks.

All of the above items are thoughtful to gift because they directly tie back to your daily life and are beyond useful. They will bring instant gratification to a new level. I bought two things on Friday and have already worn both. My tip would be to only buy one or two things at a time, otherwise, the expense is just too crazy (hence, why you should ask for these items as a gift). While on the site today, I came across these adorable Love Notes – a simple and fun way to tell a friend just how much you care. Send one along!

Apparently, word on the street (and confirming with a lululemon sales associate) is that the Men's boxers are pretty amazing and incredibly popular. I clearly can't speak from experience though.

live simply jacket $98

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