shake it

Jonathan Adler is a sure bet when it comes to cute and thoughtful gifts. You can find something for everyone. The salt & pepper shakers come in a variety of different options and are a perfect under $50 gifts for birthdays, housewarmings and just because. I was thrilled when I got these as a gift, and I've given them many times - love them! Plus, they come in an adorable box and the employees at the store are expert wrappers. You leave ready to give. I've heard that they are coming out with a number of new options just in time for the holidays. Look for them online and at a store near you! 

Jonathan Adler Bird Salt & Pepper Sakers $48


  1. i'm officially obsessed with the Jonathan Adler holiday ornaments--especially the colorful ones...thanks for the tip! xo

  2. LOVE everything Jonathan Adler. So many great options that all feel so fresh!