thanking the hostess with the mostest

If you're like me, then you're headed to family and friends for Thanksgiving. You'll show up with an empty stomach, but you'll want to ensure that you're not empty handed. What's appropriate to bring to the host? If you haven't already done so, reach out to the host to ensure that there is nothing that you can pick up or bring for the big day. Suggest things that they may not have thought of. Today when I was looking through the InStyle Gift Guide (which I highly recommend), I came across a very cool brass bottle opener. Since there are many bottles opened on Thanksgiving day, this is a perfect and thoughtful gift. A fun wine opener would also be a great gift. Similarly, unique serving pieces can be a nice complement to the meal. Try something like these metal and wood serving pieces from Nambe. An easy and thoughtful, gift is a beautiful Fall bouquet that can be placed around the house (leave the centerpiece to the host since it's their table). When you arrive, the last thing that you want to do is to create more work for the hostess so either bring it in a vase or take it upon yourself to arrange the flowers upon arrival. If you're going to a house that is always missing the same thing every year (such as a digital thermometer, bread basket, etc), then you can purchase that item and bring it along - the host will be delighted that you remembered!  

Another option is to bring a wonderful selection of teas for the end of the meal. Tea Forte and Mighty Leaf offer beautifully presented options that will go with your favorite pie! And if none of the above work, then pick up a bottle of wine or champagne to show the host how very thankful you are. 
brass japanese bottle opener $65
tea forte tea chest $45

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