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You can never have too many books. There is something so simple, yet so perfect about a thoughtful coffee table book. They not only serve as d├ęcor, but as conversation starters that represent an experience, a hobby, a love or passion, your personality or even your favorite restaurant. They are perfect for so many different occasions. For example, recently as a thank you gift for my in-laws, we gave them with the French Laundry cookbook – an experience in Napa that we had together that will never forget! There are tons of great options for restaurant cookbooks. If you have a favorite restaurant, do a quick search.  There is a high likelihood that they may have a book available. At our friend’s house the other night, we were immediately drawn to the book on their (amazing West Elm) coffee table. It was playful and perfect - Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, which is based on the online sensation. If you want to relive a memory with a friend from the 80s, you can go the fun route of the Bon Jovi: Blaze of Glory book. You will laugh and probably be thrilled to page through and remember the concerts that you went to (yes, my sister has this and loves it). Another great option is a book that revolves around a hobby or one that represents a passion or fave vacation spot (hiking, architecture, Italy, Brooklyn, etc.). As you can see, there are endless options for the direction that the gift can go. To make the book even more special and personalized, write a note in the front that relates to why you chose the book. I love that so many of my childhood books have adorable notes in them. When possible, go for a hardcover book and check out amazon for great deals! So maybe you can judge these books by their covers...
the meatball shop $28

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  1. Love this idea and was thinking about doing it for my coleus friends ascheiatmaa gifts!!! Thanks for sharing :)